Licensing Understand As You Grow

Abstract: Understand has a very flexible licensing system that can adapt and grow with your project. It supports single users or groups and works in online and offline environments.

When examining new software, don’t overlook licensing as part of your due-diligence. Being on a a compliance team for years, I have many stories on how licensing became the biggest hurdle to success.

What licensing options does Understand have that can help your team succeed?

Single-User License: Most Understand success stories start with a single developer that has fallen in love with the tool.  The basic license is sold on a per-user, per-year basis.

The default licensing uses an online licensing portal to providing multiple benefits:

    • Each user owns a private license key.
    • The user can install the tool on multiple computers concurrently (three (3) by default)
    • The user can use the tool seamlessly on-premises and off-premises(Covid-related restrictions demonstrated a clear need for such a solution).
    • If purchased individually, the user can use their license from job to job.

Multiple Users: As other members on the team are introduced to Understand, it quickly becomes a “conversation starter” and more licenses are needed.

In addition to the above benefits from the online license portal, with multiple users:

    • An administrator can quickly review existing licenses in a web interface, keeping notes and information about assigned users.
    • Licenses can be transferred and regenerated for users leaving the team without requesting SciTools’ approval (but remember, users must not share licenses).

Discounts are available for multi-users, multi-year options, just contact our sales team.

Offline Licenses: At times you may have to work in an offline environment with no internet connection. This is the case for classified labs, “restricted” computers used in trial discovery phases by lawyers or simply overzealous firewalls and IT teams.

Understand’s Users can exchange their online license for an offline key that will enable a single computer offline. We refer to this as “checking out” the key. It only requires an exchange of ten-digit key codes in and out of the “secure” location. The process only takes about five minutes. When the user finishes the “offline” work, the user can similarly reverse the process back to an online license. We refer to the reverse process as “checking in” the key.

Offline Site License: If your team is large and primarily operates in an offline site you can bring the license mechanism in-house by hosting a local license server.

The local license server, Icarus, provides the following benefits:

    • No need to check-in or check-out keys.
    • Enable all licensed users on any machine in the private network with no administrative work.
    • Icarus manages users and keys automatically, with optional “user resets” available to accommodate for personnel turn-over.
    • An annual refresh only requires the upload of a human-readable file.

DevOps Licenses: Many teams prefer to add Understand to their DevOps system. They can automatically create and analyze code, generate reports, execute custom validation checks on their code or export Understand data to external 3rd parties. A user-based license will not work for those scenarios so we have licenses avaible for DevOps:

    • Licensing for physical build machines
    • Licensing for parallel “build” pipelines (example: Jenkins pipelines)

Enterprise Licenses: there is no actual limit to the number of Understand users within an organization but as you grow, we are happy to discuss custom ways to simplify the licensing process.

Consulting License If you’re offering software analysis services to 3rdparties, or analzying code for other companies, you may require special permission to use Understand this way. So if you are a lawyer, an independent software validation engineer or creating “call trees” for a living, please talk to us to make sure you are correctly licensed. 

Conclusion: What’s the take away?

I have discussed many different licensing scenarios with customers and I can’t remember a single time where we have not been able to offer a competitive licensing solution that meets all their needs. If you still have questions or are ready to discuss your scenario, please contact us at [email protected]. We’ll find a way to get you there.