Month: <span>July 2021</span>

Understand has a very flexible licensing system that can adapt and grow with your project. It supports single users or groups and works in online and offline environments.

A bug in the control flow graph is solved using the Git blame margin in Understand to quickly find a related fix in a recent commit.

Understand has a lot of different graphs that use the display area quite differently. Natasha goes into detail about how we determine what to display for that critical initial view of a graph.

Making a functional decomposition architecture of the source for GIT helps me understand code that is new to me much better while also making an upcoming deeper analysis more organized, clear, and concise.

You are tired. Your eyes are old. Or you just have bad eyes. You CAN change the font look/size for most of Understand’s interface easily and press on!

The process of debugging is equivalent to the scientific method – a set of principles that apply equally well to debugging as to scientific inquiry.

I speed up our build system by using a simple Python script to create an architecture based on build dependencies, then use it to identify circular dependencies.